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Handmade in Small Batches


Conserves, chutneys, relishes & More!

There is nothing your grandmother would not
recognise in our products, as absolutely no preservatives or additives are

Our growing range of chutneys, relishes and
conserves under the South Coast Providers label have quickly built a loyal
following. Our product mix of conserves, chutneys and condiments changes with
the seasons as we take advantage of local produce – particularly any excess
fruit from local backyard growers.

It is a delight to use fruit in our products which
has not been sprayed or dipped in wax and which are often processed and bottled
within hours of arrival at 89 Queen Street.

If you are a marmalade fan we have a great range
packed with fruit. Of course we also have the connoisseur’s favourite, Seville Orange Marmalade and many more delicious citrus combinations.

Shop 1, 89 Queen Street

Berry, NSW Australia 2535

02 4464 2537